I’ve left Portland, Oregon for the San Francisco Bay Area.

The move was because of a great opportunity to rejoin the great San Francisco radio station KFOG as well as 107.7 The Bone as their imaging director.

I had worked for KFOG twice before as a DJ and audio engineer for PlaySpace, their live performance venue – so I figured that the third time has to be the charm. And my old Kink FM boss, Dennis Constantine is the new Program Director for KFOG, so I jumped at the chance to work with him again.

My job consists of producing station promo’s and imaging for both KFOG and The Bone (a classic rock station) as well as producing all the live audio from the PlaySpace, which I really enjoy doing and had done for years at a number of radio stations up and down the coast.

Most folks understand the live audio music mixing part of my job but don’t really know what imaging is. Essentially, “Imaging” is the audio that you hear between songs and commercials on a radio station that helps give the station its character. Also, the station promotional production that tells you what the station is up to with events and contests, etc. I use my own voice on some pieces, but I use the station “voices” to create most of the audio production because they give the station a great deal of its personality. I write the words that they say or ‘copy’ and they read the copy at their own private studios and then send me the ‘dry’ or unproduced audio that I build into audio productions. Generally, I try to make these pieces entertaining or funny but adhere to the essential tone of the station. It’s a lot of fun to create these pieces and of course, to  hear them played back on the air.

The PlaySpace Private Concerts at KFOG are in their 20th year now and it’s a great honor to take over this production. We have several bands a week and they’re usually performing in a stripped-down or acoustic configuration which is nice because it offers the listener a different perspective on the music. The band’s perform live in front of a small audience of KFOG listeners and I multi-track record the sessions, edit and remix, then play the performance back on the air a few hours later (usually at or around 4pm that same day). We also use these recordings on the KFOG “Live From The Archives” annual benefit CD’s.

So, I’m having fun doing all of this but I still am continuing with my own business, Dean K Productions – I’m just moving it to California. The majority of my own biz is the remixing of songs and albums for bands, and I can do that anywhere. Since I’ve been here I’ve mixed two projects, one Portland, Oregon band and one artist from Texas…gotta love the internet. So, I’m keeping on, keeping on.

I’ve slowed down my blog’s due to the move but since I’m working with so many great bands and mixing all day every day, I hope to be able to share some of the audio tricks and techniques that I’m using with you all.

Just thought you ought to know what I’m up to!