Dean Kattari at Type Foundry


Gadgets and gizmos.

A good guitar player makes a good quality guitar sound the way that it should, and so a good engineer can make the most of a good piece of recording equipment.

That being said, Dean loves his multitude of Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, and custom Joel Grant guitars.

Way too many boutique pedals are involved in getting the guitar signal into his Mesa amplifiers, or his several vintage Fender and Supro amps.

Just as important as a precise touch and a musical sensibility, good ears and lots of experience is more important than shiny machines – it’s about the art of creating art.

Dean K Productions primarily mixes audio using ProTools software via Universal Audio interfaces utilizing UA, Waves, McDSP, Eventide, and other plug-ins.

Vintage and modern Sennheiser, Neumann, Shure, Electrovoice, Beyer, Cascade, Audix, Microtech Gefell, Audio-Technica and RCA microphones and Rupert Neve, Daking, Black Lion, UA, and Warm Audio preamps are available to add the right color to the sound, or none at all. Finding the right combination of world-class equipment to get the right sound is the goal.

Dean can record full bands in a recording studio near you.  An economical option is for basic tracks to be recorded at a studio utilizing their large rooms, and then overdubs and mixing can be done at Dean K’s ‘Woodshop’ studio just east of Seattle Washington.