It’s been way too long since I’ve posted here, but I have continued to record, produce, mix and master music.

I’m excited to share a new song from some British friends of mine that go by the name Black Anvils.

The song is called¬†“I Won’t Rest” and it was recorded and mixed by Jack Byrne in ¬†Northern England. They sent me the track to master.

I mostly mix and record music these days, but every now and then I will do some final mastering, and for a lot of the projects that I mix I am asked to do a final master on as well. I prefer to send my mixes to a good mastering engineer, if for no other reason that to get another set of ears on it. But if the budget doesn’t allow this extra step, I will do my best to get final spit and polish on the tracks.

Since I do so much live recording for radio these days (at KFOG in San Francisco) I have to essentially mix and master tracks as fast as possible because they often end up on the air 3 to 4 hours after the band has recorded. So I’ve learned to work fast, and have a pretty good grasp of what will sound good on the radio.

At any rate, I invite you to have a listen to the Black Anvils. Great band, great song and maybe the next big thing? You decide.