Seattle rock band Mattlock and The Keys recorded a handful of original songs at the Woodshop studio with Dean K Productions this fall.

Originally scheduled as an acoustic recording sessions to get as many songs as possible recorded, then pivoted to adding in the rest of the band, including a brand new drummer and bass player.

Usually, we do this process the other way around, by tracking a full band in the studio and overdubbing any extra audio later, but in this case we were able to use the original acoustic guitar and vocal performance and have the band play along to the tracks, I think it worked pretty well. It helped that the musicians are skilled and knew the sounds they were striving for when they arrived at the studio.

Dean produced these tracks, working with the band to augment their live sound with B3 organ, Piano, Wurlitzer keyboards, slide guitar, and a lot of background vocals.

I am looking forward to having the band back in the Woodshop studio in early 2023 to record the next batch of tunes!

Please enjoy the song and video and find out more about the band here.