Kelly Corrigan


Kelly Corrigan Wonders
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  • Mastering

I spent some extra time in the studio to work with New York Times Best Selling Author Kelly Corrigan on her new podcast project: Kelly Corrigan Wonders.

I was thrilled when Kelly called me up to ‘get the back back together’ and renew our efforts on a new podcast project. I helped her procure the equipment for her home studio set up and we built a workflow and a schedule with her wonderful producer Susan George. As this was a completely remote project, we faced a few engineering challenges to record and produce good quality audio without using a professional recording studio. Together we worked through these challenges and the first podcast launched on PRX on Oct 6, 2020 with a compelling interview with Kate Bowler. The first 8 weekly episodes have also been produced as radio broadcasts programmed nationally on public radio stations including KQED in San Francisco and WHYY in Philadephia.

Kelly Corrigan Wonders Podcast Trailer